Change your life moment:

You can set schedule for your water heater & electrical stove. Remote access control to turn on or turn off for 100% safety even you are outside your house.


  • Model: HA-Z-RWS-30AWH
  • CLS Label: CSA/010624/U0018
  • Protocol: Zigbee
  • Must work with HomeAuto Zigbee WIFI Hub (HA-W-ZH)
  • Require: Neutral Wire
  • Maximum Operation Watt: 6600Watt
  • Integrate with HomeAuto APP, Smart Life and Tuya Smart APP


Installation of HomeAuto (Zigbee) 30A Water Heater Smart Switch MUST be done by skilled electrician. User are discouraged from DOING-IT-YOUR as any wrong installation procedure may cause serious injury or even fatality to individual or family.

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