Smart Offices for a Smooth Transition Back to Work

The aftermath brought about by the pandemic has left a mark on most of our lives – and well-established businesses were not spared either. To ensure business continuity, a hybrid work arrangement was implemented by most companies. However, as Covid-19 restrictions ease in Singapore, many from the working class are finding themselves in a tight professional circumstance – the return to on-site work. The anxiety that revolves around returning to the office is not something that should be overlooked. Having taken the time to adapt to the home office environment, the sudden shift back to work can be stressful. We look at how smart offices can ease the transition back to the office.

Singapore has seen a continuous easing and tightening of safety measures as infection Covid-19 cases fluctuate. Although there have been strict rules and regulations to abide by when it comes to social gatherings, the work scene has seen the implementation of a different approach. Although work from home is encouraged to be the default arrangement, the conditions have been relatively lax. Despite social gatherings being disallowed at workplaces, vaccinated employees who are unable to work from home can continue heading to the office space. With companies slowly bringing back employees to the workplace, the transition back has been proving challenging for the mass majority. According to studies, 97% of Singaporean employees are stated to prefer a hybrid work arrangement

The hurdle of snapping right back to work has also affected productivity levels. During the early stages of remote work, 1 in 3 employees in Singapore reported feeling more productive. However, as the pandemic grinds on, this so-called “productivity boost” has undoubtedly evaporated. Add to that the 10-day “snap” work-from-home-regime that companies must follow in the case of Covid-19 cases at the workplace, making sense of the unexpected and sudden changes can be hard. So how can smart office automation help us with this new reality of constant back and forth?

Returning to the Familiar

Having had to acclimatise oneself to the work-from-home arrangement, many Singaporeans have become more comfortable with new technologies. Leveraging smart home solutions to boost productivity while working from home, most people now have a natural aptitude for handling smart technology. With the growing number of homes utilising these technologies, more people have started to prize convenience above all else. Autopilot mode now means getting ready in the morning and sitting in our home offices to get work done. But when forced to return to work, the act of travelling to work, checking into the office, and sitting 1m away from colleagues may contradict what we’ve all grown accustomed to in the past year. Requiring a large amount of mental energy, workplaces can make this transition for employees a lot easier by simply adapting to the digital shift that their staff has gotten used to. Integrating the ease of functioning seen in employees’ domestic life into the workspace will make returning back to the office familiar. Consider doing the following when designing a smart office in Singapore:

1. Make the Workplace More Automated

One of the easiest ways to get ready for the future of work is to modernise the workplace and make it more automated. Bring the experience of home to the office by installing smart appliances like connected coffee makers and smart lights. Transforming the workplace into a more digitally integrated one is a small step in counteracting any disruption in the flow they might experience.

2. Address Safety Concerns

Having been under the safety of our own pods for so long, it is only natural that some employees will feel anxious about leaving their homes. With the possible increase in social interaction and contact in the office space, safety concerns must be nipped in the bud. A smart office can ensure workplace safety in the post-pandemic world. With smart office automation solutions like temperature and humidity sensors, staff can feel safe that the indoor air quality is maintained and not compromised by the large number of individuals flocking back into the workspace.

Explore Smart Office Solutions to Drive Further Benefits

From increasing security to ensuring employee well-being, there are several benefits of building a smart office in Singapore. Explore the wide range of smart office automation solutions available on HomAuto and consider the ones that will make an impact across your business. Known to maximise operational efficiencies and boost productivity, a little creativity will allow you to discover the value of smart offices.

Have queries about HomeAuto and our range of smart office automation solutions? Contact us at, and we will offer you more information on the benefits of smart offices and how they can help ease the transition from a smart home to the workplace.


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