Smart Offices: The Way of Modernising Your Workplace

Taking the effort to modernise your workplace brings with it many benefits. Relying on more than mere aesthetics to improve the work environment, smart technology can be leveraged to improve productivity and efficiency and establish a robust security infrastructure. Given the digital revolution, many businesses are now riding this wave, implementing technological innovations into the office space to be on the receiving end of all its benefits. When Covid-19 hit, and more workplaces went “hybrid”, the same investment was directed towards designing a smart home office as well.

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There is no denying that the advent of smart technology has impacted our lives in several ways, mainly changing it for the better. Narrowing in on the smart office solutions market, there is high demand for energy management systems, smart lighting control, and audio-video conferencing systems that are stipulated to boost employee productivity and savings in energy bills. Observations on this aspect of the market point to exponential growth – specifically a USD 24.15 billion increase between 2020 and 2024.

Why this continuous growth in the adoption of smart technology in office spaces? For one, businesses that fail to keep up with changing trends and undertake these upgrades tend to find themselves falling behind in competitive environments. To stay ahead of the game, workplaces thus have to mould infrastructures and business models to adapt to changing times as well as employee needs. Beyond gaining a competitive edge, smart office automation solutions provide numerous distinct benefits – some of which will be covered in this blog.

What is a Smart Office?

Before diving into the benefits of modernising the workplace, it is pivotal to understand the basics of what encompasses a smart office. Integrated with high-tech solutions and equipment, labelling an office space as “smart” requires an emphasis on the physical work environment and anything or anyone who comes in direct contact with it. Comprising a suite of technologies, a connected office is supported by the IoT for optimal inter-networking of physical devices. To put things simply, IoT is incorporated in smart office solutions so that your workspace, IT infrastructure, and employees are well connected, making smart office automation possible.

Benefits of a Smart Office in Singapore

Creating a safe and ideal work environment, a smart office IoT technology brings many plus points to the table – most of it visible. From increased safety to predictive maintenance, we cover some of the top benefits that it will generate.

1. Multi-location office management

It is a standard practice of offices to have security cameras integrated into the space. As much as these devices act as safety measures, IoT development can enhance its use further. Using smart tech such as Smart Motion Sensors and Push-Pull Smart Locks enables multi-location office management – you will gain knowledge on what happens in any of your offices in real-time. Tracking activities, storing data in a single interface, and keeping a record of all of them will be easy, enabling you to make informed decisions on the fly.

2. Improved productivity & efficiency

As mundane tasks get automated and state-of-the-art infrastructure boost creativity and innovation, employees can focus their time and energy on more pressing things. The insights gathered from smart office automation tools can also be utilised to make changes that support the smooth running of business operations.

3. Employee wellbeing 

Smart office automation solutions have become a necessity in establishing workplace safety post-pandemic. Beyond safety – be it security or health-related – smart devices like temperature and humidity sensors can be used creatively to maintain employee wellbeing. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that high moisture content can make employees feel clammy, drowsy, and sluggish. Keeping humidity levels within optimal levels – 30 to 50% – will, in turn, keep employees comfortable and productive.

Mimicking Things in Your Home

With hybrid workplaces becoming popular in the new normal, remote workers need to have all the workplace essentials in their own premises to work efficiently. A smart home automation system, in this case, can boost productivity while you work from home. Used the same way you would in any office space, home automation tools make working at home just as effective. Have queries about HomeAuto and our range of smart office and home automation solutions? Contact us at [email protected], and our specialists will offer you guidance on the best tools and systems to integrate into your office or home space to boost work productivity.



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