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From HDB flats and landed properties to trendy smart homes, technology has weaved its way into our everyday lives, transforming our lifestyles and living spaces. Even though the idea of the smart home has been around for years, and many homeowners find the appeal in living in a connected home equipped with some of the […]
Looking into the Future of Home Automation for Kids In a world of new and rapid-changing technology, the younger generation may never have to touch another light switch or carry around keys in their backpacks. With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), the way kids are learning, playing, and communicating is changing in […]
Benefits of Investing in Home Automation for Your Landed Property There are close to 70,000 landed properties in Singapore. With a fair share of advantages, including a high capital appreciation value, exclusivity, and privacy, owning a landed property seems to offer more than mere prestige. However, owning any type of property be it a condo […]
3 Smart Home Solutions to Help Back-to-School Routines The new school year has recently begun and sending the kids back comes with new schedules and a whole lot of routines to remember. While most parents might feel relieved with getting their kids back to the daily school routine, the busy morning can leave some feeling […]
How to Build a Smart Home in Singapore on a Budget Smart homes are becoming increasingly common across Singapore. Even starting off with the basics with affordable smart home devices will provide some form of control that standard home appliances or devices might not offer. However, the thought of adding more devices to design a […]
It is commonly said that there is no place like home. But is the home a safe place for the elderly to live alone? With the swelling ageing population in Singapore, many have realised that smart home solutions go beyond convenience. For one, constant development in user-controlled technology offers the elderly who live alone more […]
Lives across the globe have been dramatically altered this past year. From work from home arrangements to increased concerns around health statuses, the pandemic has effectively shed light on the minor faults of the home environment that many were once complacent with. Alongside the rapidly evolving tech space, the new year brings with it a […]
Having revolutionised the marketplace since its creation, apps have redefined the world with all that it has to offer. Popping up in all types and forms, they are being mass created globally, aptly shaped to match our lifestyle needs. From workout apps to smart home apps, these developing technologies are designed to make our lives […]
Smart Home Solutions to Support for Persons with Disabilities Smart home automation, and technology in general, have come a long way. No longer just novelty products, smart home devices have evolved into tools that deliver capabilities that boost convenience. However, for individuals with mobility and accessibility challenges, home automation can give ability to persons with […]
Transforming Elderly Care in Singapore with Voice Assistants The life expectancy of Singaporeans is one of the highest in the world. Though that in and of itself is a magnificent feat from a medical standpoint, it has also brought about major concerns with regards to healthcare for the aging population. Beyond the socioeconomic implications of […]