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Singapore is currently on track to deploying 5G standalone outdoor coverage throughout the entire island in a matter of years. Expected to spur innovation and bring about a stream of business opportunities, this network will benefit the nation in many ways. From supply chain and logistics to telecommuting, 5G will cause some much-needed change. Smart […]
Smart Offices for a Smooth Transition Back to Work The aftermath brought about by the pandemic has left a mark on most of our lives – and well-established businesses were not spared either. To ensure business continuity, a hybrid work arrangement was implemented by most companies. However, as Covid-19 restrictions ease in Singapore, many from […]
Smart Tech Fuelling the Rise of Personalised Office Spaces With the rise of digital tools, tech-enabled offices have become the norm worldwide. With the constant hustle from 9 to 5 daily being a relatively outdated mode of completing tasks, the traditional ways of working have been raising eyebrows. This has become more apparent with the […]
Reducing Operational Costs with Smart Offices in Singapore Technology has been fast changing the way we work. From internal processes to the way we think about businesses in general, being connected to technology has transformed our modern office space. Functioning as something more than a mere driving force and support system for businesses, technology can […]
Smart Solutions that Make Your Office Intrusion Safe Singapore has long been deemed as a low-threat location, making it one of the safest cities in the world. This boosts the confidence of residents and business owners across the island. However, from a global viewpoint, burglary and break-ins are common – and office spaces are just […]
Combating Cyber Criminals in Your Smart Office  With technological advancements, there is no denying that convenience is one of its key advantages. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there are some negative sides to it. Just like how society is adapting to all the changes in technology, so is cybercrime. With every new […]
Boosting Productivity with Smart Office Solutions The Internet of Things (IoT) has made its way into our daily lives, having a dramatic impact on the way we engage with the most basic equipment – both at home and in the workplace. With smart technology meandering its way into the business realm, we see an increasing […]
Smart Offices: The Way of Modernising Your Workplace Taking the effort to modernise your workplace brings with it many benefits. Relying on more than mere aesthetics to improve the work environment, smart technology can be leveraged to improve productivity and efficiency and establish a robust security infrastructure. Given the digital revolution, many businesses are now […]
Futuristic Home Design for the Next Generation of Style By experimenting with certain interior design schemes, homeowners are given a conduit to express their own personal style. With advances in technology, there has been a newfound appreciation for design that embraces smart home automation solutions. A place where cutting-edge technology seamlessly meets innovative design, smart […]
Get Ready for the Future of Work With the pandemic came a full-blown stream of effects. From shop-streaming to the sudden boom in the virtual experience economy, the coronavirus crisis has accelerated trends in many aspects of our lives. One such area that has seen a dramatic shift from the norm is in the workplace. […]