Ensuring Child Safety with Smart Home Solutions

Accidents are bound to occur regardless of how much thought and effort is putting into making our domestic environment a safe one. Families with children have it especially harder as they’ll have to factor in a lot more – from minor issues of health to something as serious as drowning. Since raising kids is in and of itself a challenge, in the world of the rapid emergence of technology, parents can make use of robust smart home security solutions to protect and keep their little ones safe.

When there is a newborn in the home, many parents gravitate towards baby monitors to keep a watchful eye over their little ones. As much as having cameras can make your home feel safe, its ability to alert you of any dangers is minimal. Take a split second off the monitoring system and minute details of your child’s activity will be missed. Now imagine what could happen if parents are fast asleep or out at work? The possibility of accidents occurring and no adults being aware of it poses a significant threat to children.

Adding to this is the rise of the new generation of latchkey children. Defined as minors who are left at home without any adult supervision for lengths at a time, these kids are more susceptible to the dangers lurking in the home. So, what are these common dangers present at home? Burns, drowning, choking and even cases of kidnappings are some of the few threats kids are exposed to. To create a safer environment for your growing kids and yourself, here are a few smart home solutions to consider.  

1. Optimal Water Safety

Did you know that kids can drown in as little as 2 inches of water? This means that drowning incidents are not only limited to the swimming pools but also the sinks, toilet bowls, and buckets.

If we were to only focus on swimming pool drowning cases, there have undoubtedly been numerous recorded cases. As a matter of fact, from 2011 to 2015, there were a total of 104 drowning cases in Singapore. Known as the “silent killer”, all it takes is 10 seconds, and a child can submerge underwater. That is comparable to the time taken by parents to turn around, grab something across the room, and turn back.

To reduce the possibility of this ever happening, parents not only have to have their eyes on their kids all the time but also minimise the formation of water bodies at homes. One of the ways to do so is to identify leaks and immediately put a stop to them. The Zigbee smart leak sensor provides early detection of leaks. Besides sending notifications and generating online reports, a clear warning or alarm is produced, notifying you and your children that water safety has been compromised.

2. Maintain Gas Safety   

Picture this – a kid returns home after school to an empty house. The child decides to cook a quick meal on the stove. Hungry, they begin devouring their meal without turning the gas stove off, only to notice a smell similar to that of rotten eggs, but thinks nothing much of it. What happens next?

As adults, it is easy to identify the signs of a gas leak – a strong distinctive odour and a hissing sound coming from the gas appliances. However, children might not be aware of this. This is where the Zigbee gas detector becomes a life-saving device. Designed to sound off on occasions of a gas leak, this smart home solution leaves the guesswork out of maintaining gas safety in your home.

Should things escalate and a fire ensues, the Zigbee smoke detector can be configured to go off immediately. This will not only alarm the kids but also neighbours that safety has been compromised.

 3. Inquisitive Minds

It’s completely normal for kids to roam around and explore every little corner of the home. Though this might be an admirable trait, they might gain access to areas that are normally off-limits. One such area is the windows. According to a study by the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, about 12 children under the age of 10 die every year due to falls from windows.

Prevent this by installing the Zigbee door and window sensor. Triggering an alert to your mobile phone, you’ll be immediately notified, allowing you to act promptly. You can also install these on cabinet doors and drawers that contain medication and other harmful chemicals, preventing the ingestion of anything harmful.  



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