HomeAuto Contractor Program

The secret of success

is to always maximum your workforce capability in generating the most value for your company without any rework.

Maximise workforce

Workforce utility rate is been maximise with multiple skills 


High end product line with strong continuity that provide profitability


Local Singapore warranty to protect both contractor and buyer for any manufacturer defect.


Training will be provided to ensure product detail and code of conduct is been brief to every partner.

Local Support

Product support is almost immediate as we are base in Singapore. Promote greater buyer confident.

Low Tech Barrier

Technology detail can be too much detail for many to understand in depth.

Contractor is an entity who responsible for selling, installation and commissioning of software at the site.

Contractor must be in a contract with HomeAuto to protect and uphold the brand of HomeAuto.

Contractor must has her own workforce to perform the site installation work.

Contractor (certified by HomeAuto) are then allow to represent HomeAuto by placing HomeAuto brand and product on any online platform or E-commence platform.

An entity

– must make minimum purchase (One Time) of SGD $3,000 or other equivalent currency as deposit for the value of goods to be purchase.

– must pay an annual support fee of $500 from the 2nd year onward.

– if minimum purchase of  SGD $5,000, contractor will be entitle for 110% of goods value in return.

– who fail to make any initial downpayment will not be entitle to enjoy the 10% immediate return.

– must have a high respect for brand and service.

– must have prior experience of installation, commissioning and software setup knowledge.

– must attend and complete the training session organized by HomeAuto on both hardware and software setup.

First top up of SGD $5,000 value, the contractor will earn a 10% saving. (Meaning on the 1st $5,000 value top up, the contractor just need to top up $5,000 for $5,500 gift card value)

Subsequently in future, for every SGD $5,000 top up HomeAuto will give 15% saving. 


Contractor A is going to top up $5,000 for the 3rd times. So contractor A will eventually obtain the final value of $5,750 gift card from HomeAuto.