Name of the Application: HomeAuto APP or Home@uto APP

Developer name: HomeAuto LLP

To better realize the user's privacy rights, we provide the "delete account" function in the App

Users can find the entry to delete personal information (account) through the following paths:

Open HomeAuto App to “ME” to “My Settings (top right hand Hexagon icon)” to “Account and Security” and, “Delete account”.

Registered Account Data: including email address, phone number, username, and login credentials, nickname, country code, language preference, or time zone information into account.

Feedback: including email address, mobile phone number and feedback content.

Mobile Device Information: including mobile device model number, IP address, wireless connection information, the type and version of the operating system,
application version number, push notification identifier, log files, and mobile network information, software version number, the operating environment or to provide services, as well as information about the installed mobile applications and other software you use.

Usage Data: usage data relating to visits, clicks, downloads, messages sent/received, and other usage of our websites and Services.

Basic Information of Smart Devices: including device name, device ID, online status, activation time, firmware version, and upgrade information.

Information collected during the process of connecting to a Smart Device: Based on the type of Smart Device you need to connect, whether the Smart Device is connected via Wi-Fi, via Wi-Fi after establishing a local connection via Bluetooth, via Bluetooth or via Zig-bee, we will collect the Mac address of the smart device.

When a user deletes personal information (account), we will retain the following information to ensure that it would not be associated with the user's identity, and we would perform automatic deletion on a regular basis according to the data retention mechanism (1 year retention period), specifically including the following categories:

For the content in user feedback, if there are pictures or videos submitted by the user, and the problem log is submitted, we keep it for further analysis of the problem and find the best solution. When the user applies for personal information (account) deletion, we will follow the 3-year retention period for retention (1 year retention period));

Log Information: including IP address, language preference setting, operating system version, date or time of access, so that we can facilitate and accurately identify problems and help users solve them in timely manner, log information will be removed after 7 days.

Information Reported by Smart Devices: for instance, the video files will be stored only based on user's purchase plan.

Office: 8 Kaki Bukit Ave 4, #06-37 HomeAuto office, Singapore 415875


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