How to Build a Smart Home in Singapore on a Budget

Smart homes are becoming increasingly common across Singapore. Even starting off with the basics with affordable smart home devices will provide some form of control that standard home appliances or devices might not offer. However, the thought of adding more devices to design a robust smart home automation system leaves many feeling stressed due to the possible costs they may incur. But the truth of the matter is that leveraging smart home solutions optimally will make your home more customisable, automated, and convenient. How then do you achieve ultimate convenience delivered by home automation while remaining within budget?

Imagine coming home to a pre-cooled home by your air conditioner, favourite tunes blaring through the speakers, and an electric kettle filled with freshly boiled water. Sounds pretty far-fetched? Though these might seem like an impossible feat back in the early 2000s, advancements in technology have made all of these become a reality. Thanks to the convenience of home automation, you can do everything from keeping an eye on your home and turning on lights even while you’re away. 

However, while all these amazing things are within reach for all homeowners in Singapore, there are several misconceptions about smart homes. One of which revolves around the cost of smart home automation gadgets. But today, it is possible to build a smart home for a few hundred dollars! In a world where smartphones cost thousands of dollars, the amount required to upgrade your home to a smart one is a steal. In this blog, we look at some of the most affordable smart home devices that will improve your home’s “smartness” without breaking the bank.   

What to Know Before Designing a Smart Home

But before we get into the pragmatic smart home gear that will transform your living space, there are several things to consider. Every smart home guide will state that it is absolutely important to ensure that your smart home devices are all compatible with each other. This means that the smart home ecosystem you design should not be a messy mix of different protocols but rather ones that will work seamlessly with all your devices. By having a compatible or universal protocol, you will not be forced to add a new hub or a separate network to operate these incompatible and errant devices. 

Next, is to look into the smart home solution provider that you are planning to work with. Although there has been a rise in demand for a smart home setup, and prices of smart home products have decreased in general, you’ll want to work with a smart home solutions provider that makes everything affordable. If you plan on purchasing all your home automation solutions from one provider, ensure that they have the resources to design, programme and install the smart home system according to your needs. HomeAuto is one  example of a smart home solutions provider that does all this and more.

All That You Need with HomeAuto

HomeAuto has a range of smart home bundle packages for homeowners just getting started on their journey. Some of the packages include the Basic, Premium, and Landed bundle packages. Comprising of the essentials such as smart switches, IR Blasters, and app integration, you’ll have the basics required to get the ball rolling. Understanding that every home is designed differently and that each client will have their own requirements, HomeAuto can also create customised smart solution packages that fit your needs. If there are other smart devices that you would like not currently listed on the e-catalogue, fret not! HomeAuto also carries unique smart devices like intercom, garage controller and POE CCTV setup that can be added to your smart home system in Singapore.

Essential Smart Home Devices

If you’re worried that having multiple smart devices will cost a bomb, why not start with the basics? Here are 3 key devices and categories to look into to have your home functioning like the ultimate smart tech-outfitted home in Singapore.

1. A Central Hub to Integrate All Other Devices

When you plan on adding new smart devices to your smart home, you’ll first need a central platform that will allow for the integration of all other smart devices. A hub like the HomeAuto Zigbee Wireless Hub will allow you to add up to 25 Zigbee devices to create a comprehensive domestic Zigbee network. This means that you can connect everything from the Zigbee Z8 Smart Lock to the Zigbee Motion PIR Sensor to this single hub and control them as you please. 

2. IR Blaster to Consolidate All Remotes

Tired of having multiple remote controls in your home? Ever wished you could control everything from your air conditioner and standing fan to television and cove lights from your smartphone or voice assistant? The HomeAuto WIFI IR Blaster acts as a compact universal remote, controlling most infra-red devices. Never worry about losing your remote controllers or having them run out of battery juice ever again!

3. Security-Related Devices to Protect Your Home

Lastly, you’ll want to have a range of devices that increases the safety and security of your home. After all, besides increasing the convenience of your home, who wouldn’t want their smart home automation system to improve their well-being in other ways too? And what better way than to choose home automation solutions that will make you feel safe in your own living space! Whether to increase safety for the elderly or to ensure child safety, smart home solutions like a gas detector, smoke sensor, SOS button, and door & window sensor can change the life of your family members at a touch of a button.

Have queries about HomeAuto and our smart home automation solutions? Contact us at [email protected], and our smart home solutions providers and assistants will offer you more information on how to build a smart home in Singapore while keeping to your tight budget. 


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