Ensuring Security with Smart Home Solutions

Beyond owning a pleasant and visually appealing home that invites guests, homeowners should constantly have security and safety at the forefront of their home design and layout. As more attention is drawn towards cyber criminality, the focus that was once placed on “physical” crimes such as housebreaking and other related ones has dissipated. Be it due to complacency that the Ministry of Home Affairs will work round-the-clock to keep Singaporeans safe and secure or the mere decrease in physical crime rates, additional measures must still be taken by homeowners to mitigate the risks of them being victims of such crimes.

According to the global crime statistics from 2018, the burglary rate in New Zealand averaged out at 1,353.6 cases for every 100,000 people. In Singapore, this number was drastically smaller, with only 3.5 cases per 100,000 population. Diving into the specifics of only housebreaking and related crimes in a local context, the Annual Crime Brief of 2020 by the Singapore Police Forces stated that there was actually a decrease in the number of cases. From 281 housebreaking cases in 2019, numbers declined to 211 in 2020. And the possible reason for this decrease points to a new conduit for scams – e-commerce scams, social media impersonation scams, loan scams, and bank-related phishing.   

However, despite this new diversion of crime-related interest, putting physical security on the backburner is never a feasible idea. Unlike countries like Oman that recorded zero burglaries in 2018, the hundreds of cases Singapore sees is not one to take lightly and neither should our efficient police force to be taken for granted. As such, the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) of Singapore still recommends that homeowners take preventative measures so that burglars feel unwelcome. But other than locking your windows and doors, what else can you do to up the security game of your property? We cover a few of the smart home automation solutions in this blog.

Home Security with HomeAuto

Installing adequate CCTV systems or security alarms is one of the preventive measures encouraged by the NCPC. But this can only be done indoors since installing CCTVs outside your HDB flat is illegal. However, merchants selling CCTVs report a 20% spike in requests for outdoor CCTV installation despite the restrictions put forth by the Community Disputes Resolution Act. This demonstrates one thing – the increasing fear of misdeeds albeit the decreasing crime rates. 

At HomeAuto, we have a full line-up of home automation solutions that increases the safety of your home. Partnering with trustworthy global leaders like Google Cloud, we not only ensure data protection but also work to produce high-tech gadgets that will complement your home security system. User-friendly and designed with your safety as our top priority, here are a few smart home solutions to consider:

HomeAuto (Push-Pull) Z8 Smart Lock

Coming with a remote APP unlock and a dynamic password function, take the standard lock and key system up a notch with our Zigbee push-pull smart lock. Allowing up to 256 sets of fingerprints, passwords and card access, and door opening records, you can control who enters your home. Its false recognition rate is also less than 0.001% so you can rest assured that unauthorised personnel will not have access to your home.

Smart Door and Window Sensor

Beyond your gates and doors, burglars can also force their way through the windows. Detecting the opening and closing of doors, windows, and drawers, the Zigbee door and window sensor is a discreet home security tool to leverage. Capable of triggering an alert to your mobile phone via the HomeAuto app, you’ll know if there’s any suspicious movement in your home.

Motion PIR Sensor

Thought only having a CCTV camera would act as eyes in your home? Smart motion sensors also function the same way, detecting any human motion. With a detection range of up to 5m and a passive infa-red motion sensor, you’ll be able to record movement even in the dark.

Have queries about HomeAuto and our range of smart home solutions? Contact us at [email protected]  and our specialists will offer you guidance on the best gadgets to integrate into your smart home security system and improve home security. 



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