Futuristic Home Design for the Next Generation of Style

By experimenting with certain interior design schemes, homeowners are given a conduit to express their own personal style. With advances in technology, there has been a newfound appreciation for design that embraces smart home automation solutions. A place where cutting-edge technology seamlessly meets innovative design, smart homes have been gaining popularity in Singapore and the general world of interior design. Fuelled by the need to improve security and convenience, it comes as no surprise that the “Home of the Future”, in essence, is smart.

According to the latest market trend study, there is stated to be an estimated 175 million smart homes globally and approximately 56.8% of all households will transform into smart ones by 2025. With over 80% of all Singaporeans living in public housing, integrating smart home automation systems into one’s home has to be a personal choice rather than one enforced upon by a third party. This is supported by the fact that despite multiple government agencies working tirelessly to develop and test smart home solutions befitting the intricate infrastructure of HDB estates, the high household penetration rates still indicate some level of autonomy on the homeowner’s part. 

But with this freedom comes responsibility. Normalised in scenes of Sci-Fi movies and space-esque documentaries, for some, bringing any form of futuristic aesthetics into their own home can be a tricky feat. Add to that the fact that the range of smart technology available in the market today is vast, and the confusion surrounding futuristic home design is one many can empathise with. Not knowing where to begin, homeowners are thus stuck in limbo, trapped between the rapid pace of technological advancements influencing the speed of smart housing technology adoption and their constant fear of missing out. How then can you kick-start your journey to building a smart home? We cover the basics that will lay a solid foundation upon which you build further on.

Embracing Revolutionary Possibilities Whole-Heartedly  

One of the basic principles of futuristic home interior is to reject everything that is not new. That is not to say you should throw out all your old furniture and incorporate ones that embody futuristic visions. Rather, it’s the adoption of values put forth by the technological culture. By simply opting for strong, straight lines, dynamic equipment, speed, and convenience, you’ll be well on your way to building a connected home. Here are a few common ways to get the ball rolling:

1. Science-Fiction Inspirations 

As mentioned, Sci-Fi movies are the epitome of futuristic elements. With themes that incorporate the Avant-Garde and stray away from all things “old-fashioned”, find inspiration from films set in the digital age. Have multiple lighting sources, feature inventive elements, and keep lines modern and sleek. Aim for balance between angular cuts and edges while maintaining some form of desirable chaos. For example, you could have a home filled with smart appliances with minimal wiring but opt for bold contrasting colours when it comes to furniture choices. 

2. Futuristic Appliances  

This might already be a given but celebrating technological advancements with the use of cutting-edge technology is a must – after all, a smart home is defined by the presence of smart technology. For starters, you could build a smart home automation system with a range of home automation solutions made available by HomeAuto. A leading smart home solution provider in Singapore, you can find anything and everything from temperature and humidity sensors, door and window sensors, as well as push-pull smart locks. Classic and clean in design, every home automation solution in our e-catalogue abides by the fundamentals of futuristic design. Wi-Fi enabled and controllable via the HomeAuto app, everything links to form one smart system.    

Have queries on how HomeAuto can help you with your smart home ventures in Singapore? Contact us at [email protected] and our specialists will offer you guidance on the best smart home solutions.



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