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With the pandemic came a full-blown stream of effects. From shop-streaming to the sudden boom in the virtual experience economy, the coronavirus crisis has accelerated trends in many aspects of our lives. One such area that has seen a dramatic shift from the norm is in the workplace. With more people working from home and businesses embracing a hybrid work model, inevitably, this change will lead to a drastic transformation in the way we work in the near future. Running parallel to this pandemic-driven migration of work is the range of rapid technological developments. Working in tandem, one can’t help but wonder how these powerful new technologies will reshape the way we work in the New Normal.   

Large corporations had no choice but to jump on the remote work bandwagon when the pandemic struck. The latest statistics show that about 55% of businesses all over the world offer employees some form of remote work capacities, opening up new doors in ways businesses are run. With approximately 99% of current remote workers expressing their yearning to continue telecommuting in the future, business leaders are being pushed to rethink old methods of collaboration and employee engagement. But with all the changes and disruptions going on, adapting is in and of itself a challenge. This leaves the idea to promote productivity improvements on the back-burner for many enterprises. 

For many business leaders envisioning an ideal model that they can employ post-Covid, one arrangement comes to mind – a split between remote work and office time. This arrangement is especially more feasible since the Ministry of Health recently released a statement stating that current restrictions that encourage split team arrangements will no longer apply. However, with up to 75% of staff now able to return to the workplace, employers who once gained monetary benefits from the remote workplace policy must find innovative ways to maintain cost savings on their office infrastructure as everyone floods back to the workspace. And for those who are still working from home, continually working on their work-from-home setup is pivotal in getting work done.   

Designing a Smart Office   

According to reports, Sun Microsystems, a computer company, saves more than $68 million yearly due to the remote work policy the organisation follows. Other businesses all over the world may have experienced the same. But as mentioned, people are slowly returning back to their physical offices and the only way to make continued savings, is to make use of smart office automation solutions.  

From motion sensors to robot vacuum cleaners, automation solutions save workers time and energy that might otherwise be spent on mundane tasks. Add to that the peace of mind smart office automation brings to the table, and you might even be able to improve on staff retention rates. Although making such claims might seem like a far cry from what many perceive smart offices can deliver, the numbers, above all else, do not lie.  

Leveraging Smart Home Solutions  

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Ergonomic furniture, a calming playlist, speedy Wi-Fi connection, and constant communication with teammates – these may seem like the most important things to have when designing an optimal home office. But to turn any ordinary home into a space that encourages productivity, a smart home automation system should be your go-to. Just like how tedious tasks can be automated in a smart office, the same can be done in your home. Lay the foundations with a central hub and add on more smart devices from HomeAuto to build the ultimate connected home. Allowing you to control everything in the palm of your hands using the HomeAuto app, working from home can be just as efficient!

Have queries on how HomeAuto and our full-line of smart devices can help you save money or design an optimal workspace? Contact us at, and our specialists will offer you guidance on how to kick-start your journey to building a smart office or smart home in Singapore.



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