HomeAuto Values

HomeAuto is happy to partner with any businesses that seek innovation and growth in expanding the product or services range.
We operate following the below clear define values.  


Safety is always our top priority. Our products are at least CE or ROHS certify and locally tested to ensure they are safe for usage


By partnering with global leader in cloud service like Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. We are assured that our security and data are well protected.


Our appointed manufacturers only make use of accredited iMac-MAC testing laboratories to perform product testing and certification. This is to ensure products reliability and trusted delivery.


A company can only achieve success when there is a good ecosystem in place to support her teams and partners together. A happy teams and partners equate to having a happy customers.


We understand every partners or customers are uniquely different in their need. We take time to listen to our partners or customers feedback in order to improve ourselves.


A company must have a clear branding that define her service and standard that differentiate her and her partners from the others.


A company must always be ready to exchange idea and share the latest technology with her partners to create common value.


A company is not always measure by numbers but also how much she care and contribute back to society.

Enjoy the best design and functions combined together.

With tested reliability and trust.

After 2 year of testing, communication, modification, technical exchange and hard work, we had finally conclude in this products development.

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