Singapore is currently on track to deploying 5G standalone outdoor coverage throughout the entire island in a matter of years. Expected to spur innovation and bring about a stream of business opportunities, this network will benefit the nation in many ways. From supply chain and logistics to telecommuting, 5G will cause some much-needed change. Smart offices too should see drastic improvements as workflow becomes more efficient. Allowing for an increased ability to tap into the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and boost productivity at workplaces, 5G will make it increasingly common to find smart solutions integrated into workspaces.

How 5G Will Facilitate Change in Your Smart Office

There is no denying that technology, in and of itself, has changed modern workspaces. From connecting people from all corners of the world to enhancing efficiency in multiple ways, leveraging technology in our work environment has many benefits. This has become more apparent in the current challenging climate that we live in. Despite the limitations that have dawned on us due to the pandemic, the abundance of technology available to us has proven advantageous. Web-based programmes have made group collaborations seamless, security issues addressed through smart gadgets, remote work transformed into a way of life for many – the list is endless when describing all that technology has offered us. But what if we told you that this is going to get a whole lot better and more advanced?

The advent of 5G technology will accelerate everything in the tech scene. With smarter and more advanced innovations, businesses can expect exponential growth like never before. Stated to be two times more responsive than 4G and 30% quicker in uploading speeds, Singapore’s 5G Standalone (SA) network, which will envelop the whole nation by 2025, will transform workspaces further.  

How 5G Will Boost IoT Capabilities in the Workspace

Smart offices in Singapore now function in a fragmented manner, utilising Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth or other network types. Though there are products like wireless hubs, reaching optimal levels of interoperability has been a challenge for a while now. Although smart offices are claimed to be the future of work, with the integration of 5G, the reliable performance of IoT devices will increase multi-fold. Bypassing Wi-Fi and taking full advantage of the wide-area network will allow smart office automation devices to connect directly to 5G and interact with ease. 

How will this be possible? For one, it is stipulated that 5G will offer approximately five times more bandwidth than 4G. This way, risks of network congestion are reduced, and high levels of speed and connectivity will be maintained. Have multiple smart office automation gadgets? Never worry about these high bandwidth applications taking a toll on your network. 

The Benefits of Using 5G and IoT for Your Smart Office

There are many benefits of a smart office that cannot be overlooked. From multi-location office management to improved employee wellbeing, smart office automation solutions offer many distinct benefits – and 5G technology will only make these better. 

1. Save on Energy Costs

Like in smart homes where you’ll be able to automate, schedule, and control your smart gadgets remotely, 5G will allow you to manage your power usage more effectively. Capable of supporting more devices on one network, you will be able to manage them easily, and as a result, cut back on energy waste. And with time, your workspace will be using power resources more efficiently without manually making adjustments. 

2. Lower Latency and Faster Speeds

As mentioned, 5G will provide a huge boost in performance. Whether you choose to use Wi-Fi and wireless connection through 5G simultaneously for your business or keep them separate, having both wireless technologies will ensure that your business always enjoys the highest capacity, fastest speeds, and lowest latency. 5G will also be able to transmit more data and enhance user experience in a multitude of ways. Supporting up to a hundred times more traffic capacity, linking up a large number of IoT devices in different spaces will be made possible.

3. Boost Competitiveness

The Singapore government is working actively to transform our nation into a smart one. The #SmartNation campaign is all about transforming Singapore through technology. As these shifts towards technology leave a mark on the global landscape, the only way for companies to stand out is to keep up with the trends – and that includes 5G and smart offices. Strategizing how you will be using 5G in your smart office now makes sure that your business remains in the game for the long run.


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