Transforming Your HDB BTO into a Smart Home

Several trending interior design schemes have taken the world by storm in recent years. From the classic Scandinavian interior to quirky full-blown themes that scream with personality. However, as much as these interior trends are aesthetically pleasing given the visual journey they will take you on, one key aspect of home interior trends is amiss – functionality. What was once a pipe dream, the idea of automating your home to fulfil mundane tasks is now real with the advent of smart home solutions.

Buying a house in Singapore is in and of itself a huge financial investment. Taking a huge chunk out of your savings, making budget cuts in other areas like renovation is often a no-brainer to many homeowners, especially the younger ones. With property prices skyrocketing and BTO building delays because of the pandemic, the stress of owning a new home cannot be emphasised enough. Add to that one of the worst recessions since Singapore’s independence, and the idea of going all out on a home renovation project might not seem feasible to many.

The average cost of renovating a 4-room HDB BTO in Singapore will put you back about $42,600 – without factoring in the cost of purchasing standard appliances and furniture! So, how then can you revel in the joys of owning a new home without burning a hole in your wallet? Promising increased levels of safety, reduced electricity bills, convenience, and above all else, top-notch functionality that will last you for years to come, the concept of building a smart home is making waves amongst the younger, tech-savvy homeowners.

The Appeal of Owning a Smart Home in Singapore

When it comes to owning a home, it is common practice to look into several things – location, size, price, and amenities. All of these play a pivotal role in determining the quality of the living space. Smart homes tend to surpass expectations in ensuring quality because with functionality comes convenience, and with that comes the improvement in one’s well-being. How so? From voice-activated streaming to turning off your lights without having to physically flip the switch, a smart home can do it all.

What You Need to Know Before Renovating Your BTO into a Smart Home

The excitement of renovating a home can get the best of us. Therefore, it is important to understand what is necessary for your home so that you don’t blow your budget on smart home solutions that you might not end up using. Afterall, not every smart gadget will fit in seamlessly with your smart home automation system – making it all the more important to pick the ones that are compatible with as many platforms as possible.

Answering the age old question – Is it expensive?

Sure, a connected home is no longer a high-tech fantasy. But at the same time, most, if not all of us, aren’t setting out to design our smart homes to look like those in the movies – think Iron Man’s abode. With smart home solution providers like HomeAuto offering affordable home automation solutions, decking out your home with smart tech does not have to be expensive.

A Beginner’s Shopping List

As mentioned, designing a smart home does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Set up your home in phases, slowly building an efficient smart home automation system. And instead of buying all the big-ticket items from the get-go, identify those that will directly solve issues in your daily life – some of our top choices include:

1. Smart lock 

Ever left your home only to question if you’ve locked your doors and gates? We’ve all been there. A Smart lock nips this in the bud with its auto-lock function. Its keypad entry capabilities and fingerprint sensor mitigate the risk of lock-picking and instances of locking yourself out when you’ve forgotten your keys.

2. Smart door & window sensor

Away on holiday? Maybe your kids are home while you’re at work? Monitor the movement of your doors, windows, drawers, or even refrigerators with a smart door and window sensor and be alerted immediately via an app notification. Doubling as a smart care solution, this device also ensures that the elderly in your home are safe.

3. Smart switch  

Thought only your lights could be automated? Well, think again! With a smart switch, appliances like your fan can be automated too. Automate, schedule, and manage all your appliances on the HomeAuto app and you’ll find yourself enjoying the luxury of controlling them with a tap of a finger.  

Have queries about HomeAuto and our range of home automation solutions in Singapore? Contact us at, and we will offer you guidance on the right smart gadgets to integrate into your brand new BTO. 


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