Mini Multi-Mode Smart Home hub
Product Model: HA-W-MMMH

HomeAuto Mini Multi-Mode Smart Home Hub


  • Product Model no.: HA-W-MMMH
  • CLS Label: CSA/240325/V0057
  • Require Power is 5 Vdc
  • Smart Home Hub is a key devices that connect all other smart devices together.
  • Incoming communication protocol: WIFI connection
  • Outgoing communication protocol: WIFI, Zigbee (Mesh) and Bluetooth (Mesh)
  • WIFI connection is able to handle up to 50 devices
  • A clear advantage of having a hub or gateway as compare to WIFI devices that connect directly to your router is the low number of MAC address devices in your router device list. Generally normal router cannot handle a device list of more than 50 devices. As the result, you will find devices getting dis-connected from APP.