Myth or Fact?: Understanding Smart Home Solutions

With the advent of technology, there is no denying that we have all benefited from the innovation and bountiful conveniences it has brought about. From making information accessible with a touch of a button to cost efficiency, the list of advantages of integrating technology in our lives is endless. However, on the flip side of the coin, there is a new term that has recently gained traction – technophobia. With a large population of the world thought to be affected by their fear of technology, it is only a natural consequence that myths and misconceptions about technology such as smart home solutions arise. What are these myths, and are they true? We discuss them in this blog.

Back in 2019, 70% of respondents in a worldwide survey agreed that utilising smart technologies in their homes made life easier. Though the acceptance rates for the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) are bound to have increased soon after, a new phenomenon has since risen – technophobia. Defined as an abnormal fear of the effects of technology, technophobia is stated to affect about a third of the population. Though it is commonplace for young adults to fully embrace the “new”, the older generation is either slow to the same or never do so at all. Whether this is due to cultural factors or the fear of technology leading to negative impacts, anxiety revolving around tech is slowly gaining prominence in our society. This apprehension, or so-called fear of technology, is also apparent in a more local context – a survey showed that half of the adults in Singapore would consider buying smart gadgets now that the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore has launched the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme for IoT devices. This clearly demonstrates that there are aspects of smart home technology that much of the population have not gained full confidence in, and it might be due to the common misconceptions that surround this advancement. Some of these include: 

Myth #1: Smart Homes Can Be Hacked Easily

With the increase in the number of hacking cases and scams in Singapore, it comes as no surprise that security is one of the main concerns amongst homeowners considering home automation solutions. In early 2021, from January to May, 374 cases of phishing scams were reported in Singapore, amounting to S$1.07 million in losses. Although this is a variant of the types of security breaches often associated with smart homes, it does not change the fact that many assume that their personal information can be stolen because of smart tech. However, this is something that should not be causing worry. As a matter of fact, homeowners can ensure security with smart home solutions from reliable automation solution providers like HomeAuto. As one of the few automation providers in Singapore that offer IoT devices with the Cybersecurity Label, you can rest assured that these Internet-connected devices are extremely secure and will offer protection against cyber-security threats.

Myth #2: Smart Home Solutions are Complicated 

Another misconception is that one has to be tech-savvy to fully benefit from a smart home automation system. This cannot be farther from the truth. With most smart home automation tech taking on a plug-and-play approach, it has become a lot easier to set up and use them. All you’ll need is a wireless connection, your smart home gadget of choice, and a smartphone!

Myth #3: Home Automation is Expensive 

Another false claim. Although this might have been true when smart technology first came out, price points have dropped drastically with technological advancements. Smart home automation gadgets also come in all shapes and sizes, which will fit within any budget range. Depending on the smart home automation system you are looking to design, make price comparisons and choose your devices carefully. 

Myth #4: You Need to Go All Out and Design a Connected Home

Is a custom-built home automation system with connected devices the only way to design a smart home? Although this might be one of the many ways of kickstarting your journey to ultimate smartness, you can upgrade your home step-by-step too! Start with the basics such as smart lights, a wireless hub, and touch switches. Other products like temperature and humidity sensors and smart motion sensors, can be integrated later. 

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