New Year, New Home: Smart Home Devices to Install at Home

With the new year comes new trends. It is evident that IoT and its accompanying smart devices have taken the world by storm in recent years. As digital transformation found its footing in a range of industries and domestic settings, the pandemic in 2020 only fuelled the need to rely on smart technology. From smart temperature monitoring for vaccine transportation to smart apps like TraceTogether, IoT has seamlessly seeped its way into our lives – to stay on trend and adapt to these changing times, integrating smart home solutions has transformed from a “want” to a “need”.

smart devices to install at home

In 2021, an estimated 35 billion smart devices will be installed worldwide, and the numbers will more than double by 2025. With the hype around smart devices increasing daily, it comes as no surprise that the big tech companies and even smaller enterprises are jumping on the smart tech bandwagon to design everyday products for domestic use. Why? Because smart home solutions are more impressive than ever, making our lives more convenient and solving issues we never knew needed fixing.

As we already know, 2020 was a whirlwind for all of us. With the COVID-19 outbreak changing the way we work and play, we were pushed to modernise and broaden our perspectives to counter the pandemic’s domino effect. Smart home devices, such as contactless smart gadgets gained popularity. For example, smart switch sales saw a 107% increase, demonstrating the shift in consumer priorities. How will these trends take shape in our homes in 2021, and which smart devices should you install? We cover them in this blog.

Paying More Attention to Your Living Environment

With more people now spending time and working at home, more focus is placed on their immediate living environment. Whether you are looking to design a productive space that facilitates efficient work processes or a conducive environment for children participating in Home-Based Learning, many are turning to smart tech to improve the quality of their lives. Some smart home trends to watch in 2021 include:

1. Security is the Name of the Game

Although there is an increasing number of tech users, many are wary and growing suspicious of the risk associated with connecting their devices to the Internet. However, with enterprises like HomeAuto putting consumers’ safety and security as their priority and being BizSAFE 3 certified, safety standards can be met as you are given the ability to control data and privacy settings.

Beyond data security, monitoring property and the vicinity will become increasingly popular. A solution to secure your home before a vacation and at all times, smart doors that require fingerprint authentication and security cameras that permit remote surveillance will be an upgrade to look forward to.

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2. Going Contactless

Due to the pandemic, many things are going “contactless” – from payments to meal delivery. Smart home automation systems allow you to go contactless in your own home. Smart home automation systems will control your lights, temperature, doors, and more. Using your smartphone as a remote control, you will be able to control everything in the palm of your hands 24/7!

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3. Interconnectivity: The Rise of Zigbee 

Whole-of-house systems are said to be the future. Although individual smart home devices are still popular today, we will see an increasing trend in interconnected smart products. This is where Zigbee comes in.

Just like Wi-Fi, Zigbee creates a secure network, linking your smart devices to a private home network. Offering device-to-device communication, data from one Zigbee device can be received and sent to other Zigbee devices. This means that your devices can continue to perform even when it is out of range from the central hub or the ISP network is disrupted.

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