Smart Tech Fuelling the Rise of Personalised Office Spaces

With the rise of digital tools, tech-enabled offices have become the norm worldwide. With the constant hustle from 9 to 5 daily being a relatively outdated mode of completing tasks, the traditional ways of working have been raising eyebrows. This has become more apparent with the pandemic that caused many businesses to transition to remote work. As staff return to the office after shifting their workplace online, there is an increased need to embed technology in the space so that some form of the remote format is maintained. From sensors that track movement to implementing hybrid work schedules, technology and IoT will ensure more fluidity in the smart offices. In this blog, we explore ways in which you can design a smart office to shape your space strategy so that staff can feel like their space is their own.

The office of the future is characterised by a few traits – hybrid work formats, plug-and-play approaches, and spaces that are powered by IoT technology. And how is it that these are the defining factors of what an office space should look like? Well, one of the main contributing factors has to be the pandemic. With mass-scale lockdowns and social limitations, many have had to adapt to the sudden change – and as a result, find rhythm in this shift. In a study conducted by a data analytics company, a measure of workplace experience was analysed. The results showed that 64% of individuals found their office environment to be a productive space, compared to the 83% that felt that their home enabled them to work productively. With a significant 19% difference, it just goes to show how much a smarter, more comfortable, and customised setting is necessary to keep employees motivated. So how can offices up their game and utilise smart tech to transform their space into one that inspires, protects, and motivates workers? 

1. Flexibility is Key

Beyond digital shifts, the global economy and other external factors are quickly changing the fabric of the office. Given these constant changes, expecting employees to keep up with the accelerated pace of innovation is only feasible if they are given more control over their experiences at work. This is further supported by the fact thata massive 88% of engaged employees reported possessing the ability to choose where they work. As such, a hybrid workforce is fast becoming a trend amongst corporations. 

But where does smart tech come into play? Surely, collaboration tools and video conferencing platforms are a must-have when attempting to maintain communication in the workplace. However, with social gatherings at workplaces no longer allowed in Singapore, and other tougher measures in place, this level of flexibility can only be achieved with crucial insights easily attainable from smart technology such as sensors. Smart Motion Sensors and Smart Locks track movement within the vicinity so that you can better optimise the space for your employees. Detected too much movement in the office when there was supposed to be a maximum capacity? Utilise the data obtained to communicate with your teams so that better customisation can be implemented to serve individual needs and preferences.  

2. Security & Privacy

Of course, all office spaces will be equipped with the necessary technology to ensure security and boost productivity. From smart door locks that store door opening records to the best Wi-Fi connection for a smooth working process – but what about personal privacy and the security of one’s belongings? IoT devices like Door and Window Sensors can be installed on doors, drawers and even refrigerators to trigger alerts to your employee’s mobile phones via the HomeAuto app. This way, staff will feel like their assets are being protected and cared for due to the safer office space. 

3. Cleaning And Sanitation Measures

In the post-pandemic world, workplace safety is at the forefront of all business models. Besides securing sensitive information, maintaining a consistent cleaning protocol is just as important. IoT innovations such as a Temperature and Humidity Sensor, allow staff to adjust their environment with ease and create a comfortable space that they will enjoy working in. 

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