Reducing Operational Costs with Smart Offices in Singapore

Technology has been fast changing the way we work. From internal processes to the way we think about businesses in general, being connected to technology has transformed our modern office space. Functioning as something more than a mere driving force and support system for businesses, technology can be leveraged to turn your offices into a connected digital masterpiece. As such, it is only natural that the next step is smart offices. By using smart technology, sensors, and other IoT devices, not only will daily office operations be streamlined and strengthened, but operational costs can be lowered as a result of these shifts. How exactly will designing a smart office save costs for your company? We discuss them in this blog.

The Global Smart Office Market size is expected to hit approximately SGD 52.6 billion this year (2020). From fire safety control systems to security access control systems, various smart office products are said to influence this huge market growth. Adding to that, the disruption caused by the global pandemic has pushed for more innovation and the implementation of strategies that will improve business expansion and growth. This is because the proper utilisation of smart technology will offer businesses a competitive advantage through its provision of an optimal work environment. However, due to the rapid evolution of new tehnologies, businesses are either slow to take up these solutions or apprehensive about their benefits. But with the endless list of advantages smart office automation has to offer, such as the value of time and cost savings, it’s about time companies jumped on the smart office bandwagon! So, how exactly will smart office automation help save costs?

1. Better Manage Your Resources & Energy Usage

Utilities from electricity, cooling, and more can add up and put a strain on your financial resources. For example, leaving the lights and air conditioning units on can be extremely energy-consuming. This not only increases your carbon footprint but also increases monthly bills. 

Did you know that by increasing your air conditioning unit by just 1ᵒC, you can cut electricity costs by up to 10%? As such, IoT technology like sensors that can analyse internal environments will come in handy. With an intelligent climate control system like a temperature and humidity sensor, you can track temperature and humidity ranges with top-notch accuracy. Be it changes brought about by the number of people in the office or simple adjustments made to the air conditioning units, you can automatically track the temperature and humidity of the space. Add in an IR Blaster that functions like a universal remote, and you can easily control secondary devices like your air conditioner through a centralised system. 

The same can be applied to smart lights. Operable with your smartphone and tablet, the Zigbee Touch Smart Switch that is registered under the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS), can help optimise total energy use in your office.

2. Ability to Constantly Improve Your Work Environment 

Tapping on the above, installing IoT gadgets such as Smart Motion Sensors and Smart Door and Window Sensors in your office means that you’ll have an abundance of data that you can use to make improvements in the work environment. For example, motion sensors will offer insight on employee movement throughout the area, which can then be leveraged to make adjustments to optimise and dramatically influence the ways in which staff use the space. This will not only bring about changes that will cater to your team’s needs but also reduce energy usage in areas that are not commonly utilised.  

3. Empower Employee Productivity

There is no denying that giving employees access to tools that they can use in ways that best work for them will improve satisfaction. With an office that is well-equipped with smart technologies that make their day at work a comfortable and efficient one, your team is bound to work better and faster, boosting productivity. The result of this newfound empowerment while at work? Improved quality of work, increased profit margins, and a competitive edge that cannot be bought!

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