Reducing Risks of Caregiver Burnout with Smart Care Solutions

As life expectancy rates continue to improve, it is only natural that Singapore’s aging population grows correspondingly. With this rapid aging, more individuals have taken on the role of caregivers, providing care to older persons. However, with the rise in the estimated number of caregivers in Singapore, researchers demonstrate an increase in what they’ve coined as “caregiver burnout.” As much elderly care is deemed as a familial responsibility, the pressures of caregiving can be debilitating and cannot be denied. Evolving to meet these challenges, advanced home automation solutions for the elderly and disabled are now being used to offer some relief to the difficulties associated with at-home caregiving.

Back in 2019, it was stated that there were an estimated 210,000 caregivers in Singapore, and those numbers show no sign of slowing down. As a matter of fact, there has been a steady increase in demand for proper care for the elderly. Be it a professional caregiver or an informal one, their main objective is to perform a range of tasks that vary from providing personal care to monitoring movement to ensure safety. Although the old-age support ratio stands at 4.3, there is often only one primary caregiver in each household. And, given that 70% of all caregivers in Singapore are aged 40 and above, the situation is exacerbated.

Understanding Caregiver Burnout

One of the side effects of the above? Caregiver burnout. A relatively taboo subject, many forget to consider the stress placed on the caregivers. In recent years, however, advocates for mental health and researchers have raised the question, “when caregivers burn out, who cares for them?” This sheds light on newfound statistics including – 40.2% of carers of stroke survivors show signs of depression, those caring for cancer patients are also more likely to develop depression, and other symptoms such as emotional and physical exhaustion, irritability, and more.

Finding Great Benefits from Smart Home Solutions

From smart assistants and chatbots to smart diapers, more technologies facilitate independent living today. Slowly becoming the go-to solution to help seniors age in place, smart care solutions can also be used to mitigate the risks of burnout and stress experienced by caregivers. No longer just a tool that cares for the elderly, smart home devices act as assistive means that increase the safety of a home while reducing the stress of a caregiver.  So, what are the smart home solutions that you could integrate into your living space?

1. Motion & environmental sensor 

When narrowing in on all the smart care solutions available, it is important to understand that these devices can act as stand-ins when you are not around for brief periods. For example, if no one is home, but you urgently have to leave the house, CCTV cameras and smart motion sensors can act as your eyes. At HomeAuto, our PIR sensors recognize patterns in daily activities and generate alerts should there be deviations. Therefore, you’ll be able to receive notifications when there are falls or even a lack of activity or movement in the home.

2. Smoke detector

Cooking in the kitchen when the elderly you’re caring for requires aid? Many a time, caregivers rush to cater to their needs, leaving things unattended. This is where our smoke detector comes in handy, notifying you in advance before the situation gets out of hand. SCDF approved, this smart home solution handles issues of safety for you while you pay attention to more important things.

3. Gas detector  

Like the above, the gas detector will inform you of any anomalies. Not home? You’ll have remote access too! Not only will the elderly living in the house be alerted by the alarm sound, but you’ll receive a notification – allowing you to take the necessary steps to ensure safety. 

Have queries about HomeAuto and our range of home automation solutions in Singapore? Contact us at [email protected], and we will offer you guidance on the right smart care solutions to keep both you and the elderly you’re caring for safe.

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