Technology has seeped its way into our daily lives. It thus comes as no surprise that several smart home solutions are now the go-to for many homeowners when ensuring the safety and security of their homes before heading off on a trip. Offering travellers the opportunity to automate and control certain aspects of their home while away, smart home automation systems are a sure-fire way to protect a home from possible mishaps and intruders remotely. Learn more about what home safety encompasses and safety tips to keep your home protected this holiday season.

According to the mid-year crime statistics put out by the Singapore Police Force, from January to June 2020, there were a total of 10,151 reported crimes against persons, housebreaking, theft, and other related crimes. That averages out to about 1,690 possible housebreaking and theft cases every month. Though the number of reported cases has decreased dramatically over the years, homeowners should continue to take preventative measures to protect themselves, their property, and other valuables. How then do you ensure your home is protected and remains safe while you are away?

At HomeAuto supporting the local population in their ventures in building a smart home is part of our philosophy. Tapping on the appeal of smart homes, their management and monitoring capabilities, our smart home solutions provide homeowners with peace of mind. What are some of the HomeAuto devices you can outfit your home with to eliminate risks of theft or break-ins? We cover some from our extensive catalogue in this blog.

Home Safety Tips this Holiday Season

With travel restrictions such as entry restrictions and border closure still in place to tackle the COVID-19 situation, it can be presumed that a limited number of individuals will be travelling overseas this holiday season. However, travelling or not, crimes still occur. As a matter of fact, crimes such as robbery are said to increase by 20% during the holidays.

Some of the preventative measures against housebreaking indicated by the National Crime Prevention Council in Singapore include:

  • Installing CCTV systems or security alarms
  • Properly locked doors and windows
  • Adequate lighting

Smart Home Solutions by HomeAuto

1. WiFi security alarm

Our range of products, such as the WiFi USB alarm, RF motion sensor, and RF door sensor, trigger an audio alarm to alert those around you, putting off break-ins. The motion sensors measure infrared light emitted from objects such as people, large animals, or other warm mobile objects. The RF door sensor, when linked to the WiFi security alarm, sounds off when there is an unauthorised entry into a premise. To ensure optimal safety for your home, create an independent RF security system parallel to your existing smart home system.

2. HomeAuto indoor, outdoor & NVR CCTV

Leaked CCTV videos has been a trending topic recently with many homeowners falling prey to such breach of privacy in 2020. Wondering if your CCTV is safe from hackers? There are 3 ways to prevent your CCTV from becoming a target to hacker.

  1. Your router password must be complex. That is to say that there should be a combination of random letters, numbers, and symbols.
  2. Use different passwords for your router and APP.
  3. CCTVs should be installed in an open space, like the hallway or corridor. Be sure NEVER to install CCTVs in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Nevertheless, CCTVs are still one of the most effective deterrents for home burglaries. Our indoor CCTV comes with video cloud storage, HD recording functions, infra-RED night vision, motion detection, remote monitoring, and video streaming features. With dimensions of only 13 by 12 by 9 cm, these can be discreetly installed into strategic corners of your home for constant monitoring around the clock.

Our outdoor CCTVs have an in-built CMOS image sensor, which uses less power for applications such as effective infrared distance vision and high-resolution real-time video streaming. High-performing and delivering superior motion detection day and night, keep an eye on your home while you are away.

For homeowners who feel that Cloud storage is not safe, our NVR 4 or 8 Channel CCTV provides a hard disk storage system that allows video data to be kept in the local hard disk instead of the Cloud for quicker, safer, and direct access. Unlike the conventional NVR CCTVs that require POE or LAN cables wiring, you will be glad to know that our NVR 2MP camera only requires a normal 240VAC plug supply and a local WiFi connection to be fully operational.

3. Zigbee home automation solutions

Centralise all your devices and simplify smart home automation with Zigbee. Connecting all your smart appliances and devices, the Zigbee home automation system makes it easy for you to control multiple complex systems on a central hub.

Looking to build a safe home in Singapore and automate all your devices? Look no further than HomeAuto. Get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information on our myriad of home automation solutions today.



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