Smart Care

Stay Safe With Smart Home Devices for the Elderly & Disabled

Home automation systems can make a big difference in the lives of the elderly and disabled. From controlling the lights in every room to being able to tell their blinds to close, smart home devices for the elderly and people with disabilities can add a sense of ease and comfort in the home environment.

While smart care solutions might seem unnecessary to some, those with decreased mobility or vision problems find day-to-day domestic tasks really difficult. That’s where HomeAuto, one of Singapore’s best smart care and home automation providers, comes in. We offer multiple smart care solutions that can help out around the home. Below are just some of the benefits.

Care Connect is the complete caregiving need

We know the struggles and challenges can be daunting and hard. Sometimes, all we need is a helping hand that understands and supports us.

That’s why at Care Connect, we will walk with you through your caregiving needs and connect you with the right resources. We’ve partnered trusted and established partners giving you the best value and services.

Maintain your independence

From voice control settings to our easy-to-use HomeAuto app, smart home devices can make it much easier for those the elderly and disabled to keep up with their daily activities and household concerns. Assistive technology such as our home automation solutions is a great way to empower them and ensure they lead a positive quality of life.

Increase safety and comfort

Ensuring that one can stay home and have all the necessary at the fingertips without having to move about provides not only an enjoyable and hassle-free experience but also one that is safe. That’s why we put safety and comfort at the heart of our home automation systems for the elderly and disabled.

Devices like smart locks, motion sensors, CCTV cameras, and smoke and gas detectors can all provide peace of mind not only for you but also for your friends and family. Other smart home solutions like robot vacuum cleaners can do some of your housework for you, while products like our voice-controlled smart blinds can be set up to open and close at whatever time you prefer.

Why pay more just to be normal?

Our extensive smart care solutions in Singapore won’t just make your home more convenient; they’ll make it more economical too. By using our home automation system for devices like your lights, air humidifier and thermostat, you can fine-tune all your home appliance settings to their most efficient levels. That way you avoid racking up a high utility bill every month!