Smart Office: Workplace Safety Post-Pandemic

As more people return to their offices in Phase Two, new and improved workplace solutions have become necessary in ensuring their safe return. With a suite of digital tools and smart office automation solutions, corporations are not only able to better manage the crisis but also build robust digital structures that support privacy and security of their office space and employees as we move towards Phase Three.

The COVID-19 outbreak, lockdown measures, and multiple efforts implemented in Phase Two have shown us the importance of responding swiftly and decisively. With the government recently releasing a statement on the move towards Phase Three, one thing is for sure, safety and security efforts are not to be eased. With more activities and premises progressively resuming, tracing efforts are encouraged to be “scaled up” to mitigate community transmissions. How then can your workspace space evolve to a positive, healthy, safe, and secure work environment?

The global smart office solutions market is expected to reach SGD 76.36 billion by 2025 – a testament to its efficacy in transforming workplaces into one with improved productivity, safety and security. Tapping on the increasing adoption of IoT and demand for smart office solutions, HomeAuto Singapore provides top-notch office automation systems to ensure safety at your workplace. So what can you do as restrictions are slowly being lifted? We cover them in this blog.

1. IoT Smart Office Monitoring

According to the Ministry of Manpower, there are mandatory requirements for safe management measures at the workplace. As working from home remains as the default mode of working, there must be a limit to the number of employees present at a specific location in the office. How then can you monitor every employee in your office without it affecting your work productivity?

Our monitoring solutions will do the trick! The HomeAuto indoor CCTV is an IoT device built with motion detection functions and infra-RED night vision. Designed with video streaming features, HD recordings can be accessed on our app to track the movements of employees. The best part is that you do not have to continuously check your phone to monitor movements – notifications will be sent should there be anomalous activities.

Looking to up the ante and control who is allowed into the space? Our smart locks and doors prevent unauthorised individuals from entering the premises. Is your employee on a work from home notice? Is your company implementing shift or split team arrangements? Not a problem – the manager has administrative rights and can make changes to the system parameter setting by adding or removing users from the system.

2. A Clean Working Space

Security and social distancing aside, with rising health concerns, it is vital that businesses take measures to protect the health of their employees. It is a given that the lack of cleanliness can compromise our health due to increased exposure to potential allergens, germs, and bacteria. But did you know that temperature and humidity can affect our health too?

From causing dehydration, fatigue, exhaustion and muscle cramps, exposure to high humidity and temperatures can have adverse effects on the human body. So why not automate your office with smart solutions offered by our Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor? By providing real-time feedback, you can alter your indoor air quality to ensure your employees stay safe during working hours. 

Re-building a work-life balance and organising the safe return of your employees can get tedious. With multiple new approaches and changing regulations, there are many things to consider. At HomeAuto, we believe that our range of smart office automation solutions will ease the burden and make returning to the office easier.

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