Smart Office

Improve Productivity With Smart Office Automation

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Aside from smart home solutions, HomeAuto provides office automation systems to improve day-to-day operations in Singapore. Our IoT devices help enhance employee productivity and satisfaction, beneficial to the overall success of your business. After all, a happy worker is a good worker, and smart office IoT technology is a simple and effective way through which you can create a positive work environment.

Better Lighting

If you’ve ever walked into an office building and found the lighting overbearing, you’re not alone. Our eyes require different types of lighting during different times and depending on what kind of work we do. IoT for smart offices can offer a variety of lighting solutions to solve such issues, from simple voice-controlled settings that allow you to change a room’s brightness level from your seat to more advanced options such as installing LED bulbs that automatically adjust their colour balance throughout the day. This is useful in Singapore when weather conditions are fickle – it can be rain dark for an hour and sun bright in the next!

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Clean and Tidy

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Custodial staff can be quite expensive no matter what size building you’re running your business in. Your office can save money and time while with a robotic vacuum to maintain cleanliness instead. With smart office automation, they can even tell you when they’re ready to be emptied so they’re always operating at their most efficient capacity.

Smart Lockers can be introduce in place create open and flexible working office environment.  

Safe and Secure

The safety of your staff, clients and customers is always going to be a top business priority. Smart office automation devices like motion sensors and CCTV cameras that can be accessed from your phone make it much easier to keep track of who is coming and leaving your office space. Smart locks and alarm controls can also be utilised to keep certain areas restricted and protected when necessary.

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Pleasant Environment

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There’s nothing worse than trying to get work done in an office that’s either too cold or too hot. It makes employees uncomfortable, possibly leading to decreased productivity and increased irritability. Installing a smart thermostat as a part of your IoT smart office will allow you to dynamically adjust temperatures through automation and voice controls so that employees always remain comfortable and in an optimal mindset to complete their work tasks.

Effective Meeting

Meeting rooms will remain important in the volatile business environment. What’s changing is how they support remote employees even better than before with a smart meeting room setup. Providing a single stop solution for smart office solution.

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We are more than just a home automation provider. View our e-Brochure 2023 for more information about our smart office solutions.