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Singapore has long been deemed as a low-threat location, making it one of the safest cities in the world. This boosts the confidence of residents and business owners across the island. However, from a global viewpoint, burglary and break-ins are common – and office spaces are just as vulnerable as any other site. As a matter of fact, most tend to take precautions in safeguarding their homes, often overlooking business spaces. Given the risk posed to the employees, sensitive data, and business as a whole, business owners cannot afford to ignore burglary and intrusion prevention.  

According to the FBI, a property crime occurs every 4 seconds and burglary every 20 seconds. Although numbers vary in Singapore, crimes do still occur in the Lion City. For one, even though violent crimes are extremely rare here, most of those that do occur and get reported are non-confrontational and non-violent. That is to say that cases of pickpocketing, theft of unattended property, and snatching incidents make up a huge bulk of most crimes. What does this mean for business owners?

Given the nature at which a business functions, its recognisable and repeated standard practices increase the risk of burglars committing crimes. With fixed opening hours and buildings being less busy than usual due to lockdown restrictions, this pattern of operation will be used to an intruder’s advantage. Should a break-in occur in your office space, not only will sensitive information be put at risk, but the overwhelming feeling of insecurity that will cloud employees and staff is sure to loom for a long time to come. How then can you ensure that your space is not vulnerable to repeated offenses in the future?

Smart Office Security System  

The future of work looks very different from what it was like a few years ago. Today, technology plays an integral role in every business model. Because of this shift, smart offices have become the norm. When a security system is integrated into this new “smart” space, and an entirely new connected system is designed, then your office is said to have taken on a smart office security approach. 

Benefits of Smart Office Automation

Since safety is such an important factor, the options offered by smart office solutions give business owners the flexibility to create a connected security system befitting their space and safety goals. Whether to combat cybercriminals or ensure a safe return post-pandemic, smart office automation will provide visibility and control of the entire space and assets regardless of the location from where you are monitoring the area.

Ways to Practise Intrusion Detection and Protection

Gone are the days where a simple CCTV camera will suffice in deterring potential theft. Burglars have become more skilled and technical with their methods of break-ins. Therefore, to support round-the-clock monitoring, leveraging IoT devices for your smart office will be the best way forth. This way, you can use a cloud-based interface and link it to your mobile device or PC to remotely observe what is happening in your office. Consider taking these additional measures to build a robust security system:

1. Secure the Premise Properly

Forcible entry is one of the main ways that break-ins occur. Be it through the main door or windows. To prevent the risk of door lock manipulation, consider installing a smart lock. Requiring an electronic key card, password, or fingerprint, the ability of burglars to pick locks will drastically reduce. 

It is also crucial that the windows are not forgotten since easy-to-access windows also act as an entryway for burglars. For the best protection, utilise smart door and window sensors that will send notifications to your mobile phone via the HomeAuto app. Got notified of your office doors opening at an odd timing, and none of your staff claimed to have done so? Leverage the information obtained and inform the authorities accordingly. 

2. Monitor Movements 

If you already have all the basic security devices integrated into your smart office automation system, another one to consider would be a smart motion sensor. Hacking into CCTV cameras is alarmingly simple. Therefore, opting for devices that include high-end encryption and robust network protocols will make your security system less vulnerable. Smart motion sensors also come in handy when detecting movement or the presence of objects that are undetectable by the cameras installed.

Protect Your Smart Office with HomeAuto

With most of our smart office solutions boasting the CSA CLS label and a Bizsafe 3 certificate, you can rest assured that HomeAuto will keep your data and office protected in the best way possible. 

Have queries about HomeAuto and our range of IoT solutions for your smart office? Contact us at [email protected], and we will offer you more information on how to customise an appropriate intrusion prevention system with the right smart devices. 


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