Having revolutionised the marketplace since its creation, apps have redefined the world with all that it has to offer. Popping up in all types and forms, they are being mass created globally, aptly shaped to match our lifestyle needs. From workout apps to smart home apps, these developing technologies are designed to make our lives easier. As the popularity of more apps begins to soar, the HomeAuto app is one to keep an eye out for. Known to function as an all-in-one platform, find out how our app will facilitate your switch to a smart home.

There’s an App for That!: The HomeAuto Smart Home App

Studies have shown an increasing number of individuals spending more time on apps than ever before. Driven further by the pandemic, the collective screen time of individuals has increased by 30% since 2019. Averaging at around 4.2 to 5 hours a day, we spend a large quantity of our time on our mobile devices. With mobile apps focused on entertainment being the main go-to for many, it may seem like these are the only ones that exist. Netflix, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook may be some of the most downloaded apps dominating the charts, but there are a vast array of other mobile apps out there that serve distinguished yet practical functions. And, one of those would have to be smart home apps.

Getting up to turn on your lights and adjusting the temperature of your air conditioner is now a thing of the past. With a lift of a finger, electrical appliances and smart home automation gadgets can be adjusted, switched on and off. A simple smartphone will often suffice in making your smart home automation journey a smooth one. With a plethora of apps available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, controlling every aspect of your home has become a breeze. 

The Benefits Offered by Smart Home Apps

Imagine this – you’re on your way back from the office and receive a call from a loved one saying that they’re waiting outside your home with no way to get in. Instead of asking them to wait till you arrive, you’re able to remotely open the doors for them. How cool would that be? Well, that is something you’ll not have to wait for future advancements to make possible because such technology is already here! Smart locks are a popular choice for many reasons – mainly for their aesthetic appeal that triumphs over the typical lock and key gates and doors. However, when linked to their designated automation app, these can be unlocked remotely with your mobile phone! Scenarios like these make clear the functionalities and benefits of smart home apps. Beyond the convenience that these apps will bring into your life, some of their other benefits include: 

  • The ability to manage all your smart home devices from one place
  • Controlling your home functions remotely is made possible 
  • Provides insights on aspects of your home so that you can make the necessary adjustments 
  • Increased security and comfort 

Introducing the HomeAuto App

Take over control of your air conditioner, lights, electrical plug, curtains and much more, instantly within the HomeAuto app. Having spent years developing the most powerful smart home app, the HomeAuto app is simple and easy to use for everybody. No matter what area of your home you are thinking about, be it the doorway, the kitchen, or bedrooms, this multi-tasking automation app gets rid of the need for a dozen apps to access your smart home solutions. Thought that it will only work in your smart home? The app works in smart offices too! So, what can you do with the HomeAuto app? Here’s a breakdown of some of the many things it is capable of:

1. Manage and Share

Got yourself a range of smart home solutions such as a motion sensor, gas detector, and smart motorised curtain? Control all your devices all in one app even if they are located in different parts of your abode. With room management, home management, and room settings to curate, everything will be accessible in a click. But that is not all. You can share your entire smart home system with your loved ones by adjusting the admin rights. By simply adding a member, you’ll give them the power to control the smart home solutions in your home. Want to retain some form of control? No worries! You can also restrict smart gadgets that they can control!

2. Automate and Monitor

Forget stubbing your toe into a wall when you visit the washroom at night. Create automation rules such as having your lights turn on when motion is detected within a certain timeframe. Set up as many automation tasks as you would like and monitor the activities on the fly. Activate notifications to be sent to your phone should there be any anomalous activities or simply access your camera whenever you please to get an instant update. 

Have queries about HomeAuto and our smart home app? Contact us at [email protected], and our smart home solutions providers and assistants will offer you more information on the functions of our automation app and how you can better leverage it in your smart home or smart office


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