Boosting Productivity with Smart Office Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made its way into our daily lives, having a dramatic impact on the way we engage with the most basic equipment – both at home and in the workplace. With smart technology meandering its way into the business realm, we see an increasing trend in more businesses transforming and transitioning into a smart office. This is the effect of embracing digital transformation and realising that it is not just about Information Technology but also about how design and proper management can be leveraged to support work, collaboration, and cooperation. Since smart offices perfectly represent the future of the business world, it is pivotal for leaders to look into how IoT for smart offices can help their organisation see greater efficiencies. 

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A stereotypical workspace is often seen as a structured space that hardly injects an element of fun or excitement. Monotonous in nature, it is simply an environment where one settles in from 9 to 5, gets the job done, and leaves. But with more organisations emphasising the importance of company culture, the employees and their well-being have to be put at the forefront when developing new strategies that will transform a bleak office space into a productivity hub. And as markets become more competitive, it becomes even more important that the workplace functions as a tool that brings about productivity and efficiency. 

Moreover, employees are reported to only be productive for under 3 hours a day, and a massive 41% stated that stress can negatively affect their productivity. Since there is no denying that our direct surroundings have a significant impact on productivity, integrating technology into the space is something worth exploring. This is especially so because the global market for smart offices is expected to reach USD 46.99 billion by 2023. Given such exponential growth, how exactly can a smart office benefit your company? We cover some of the ways it will help organise and prioritise tasks at hand and convert any organisation into a productivity-driven one. 

How a Smart Office Can Boost Productivity

Smart offices are synonymous with tactics of modernising a workplace. From multi-location office management to employee well-being, its list of benefits is endless. When used correctly and innovatively, smart office automation solutions can do the following:

1. Streamline processes  

As more IoT devices are introduced into the workspace, building a management system that achieves the general goal of total smart interaction will soon become a reality. With an automated system in place, mundane, costly, and time-consuming processes can be streamlined. Take package deliveries, for example. It is common for offices to have employee-only access. Although this satisfies the need for advanced security, the workflow will be disrupted when employees have to stop their work, unlock the doors, and receive a package. IoT solutions like smart locks streamline this with its remote app unlock feature. Both time and money will be saved in the long run as desk receptionists can unlock the doors via their phones, and receive parcels directly in the reception area.   

2. Strengthen perceived comfort 

According to the World Green Building Council, there is a strong relationship between employee productivity and their comfort levels. Also impacting their health and well-being, the design of the office thus has to be a safe space that makes the workplace environment well-liked. Therefore, by integrating smart gadgets like smart motion sensors, smart door and window sensors, and gas detectors, the workspace is portrayed as a trustworthy one that keeps its employees secure. Gone will be the days where employees will have to be vigilant and on the lookout for anomalies in their work environment – smart technology will efficiently handle these safety needs. This is a perfect example of making a smart office work in favour of, and on behalf of, its occupants rather than the other way around. 

3. Present the opportunity to scale   

IoT for smart offices also means that more focus can be put into the task at hand rather than rudimentary ones that play no role in taking the business to new heights. Automation solutions like the HomeAuto app that support efficient monitoring and managing security can be used to track and automate day-to-day tasks in the palm of your hands. The result of such self-sustenance? More time for important work that will make meaningful progress.

Have queries about HomeAuto and our range of IoT devices for smart offices? Contact us at [email protected], and our team will work closely with you to design a smart office in Singapore that boosts productivity in pioneering ways. 

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