Tradehub 21

Here is what you need for a smart home

Located in the Life Tech SG Experience Center, HomeAuto Solutions products like the Zigbee Z8 smart lock, Zigbee wall switch (No-neutral), Zigbee Water Heater Switch, LCD Control Switch, Smart Curtain, Smart blind, A/C Control and sensors are on display at the smart living room showroom. 

Featured on Channel 8 “Click IT”

Located just a short walking distance from the level 10 lift lobby, this hidden gem of smart showroom or experience center is a gathering of smart brands like HomeAuto, Line 8, Alexa, Google, Broadlink, Ring, MOWE and others and smart products like IOT door lock, Zigbee and WIFI wall switches, motion sensor and many more. 

Visitors are able to enjoy a real feel of having a smart living room, smart bedroom and smart kitchen setup. Giving every visitor an opportunity to experience in real-life how and what to be expected in smart home environment.

Completed Projects