Combating Cyber Criminals in Your Smart Office 

With technological advancements, there is no denying that convenience is one of its key advantages. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there are some negative sides to it. Just like how society is adapting to all the changes in technology, so is cybercrime. With every new advancement, a new method of hacking or tech-hijacking will come into existence – the cycle is never-ending. Given the threat and sophistication of these realities, it is not only pivotal to understand these risks but also to find innovative ways to mitigate them to be ten steps ahead before falling prey to any of the risks. This is especially so in the workplace setting where private and sensitive information is aplenty. 

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Did you know that about 28,000 printers all around the world were recently hacked? The seemingly safe equipment that we normally don’t pay much attention to is also one of the many tech devices that are at risk of attack. Imagine if this happened to all the smart devices and gadgets connected to the Internet or the Cloud! Although this recent hacking “event” was done with ethical intentions – a group of researchers from CyberNews conducted this attack to remind everyone about the dangers of connected devices – in reality, there are actual hackers and cybercriminals who do so with ill intent. 

As a matter of fact, cybercrime generates approximately $1.5 trillion annually and someone gets hacked every 39 seconds! With more businesses moving into cyberspace and a Cloud environment, sensitive data is inevitably uploaded as well. From private documents with personal information to security footage of your staff at work, being part of the digital landscape has several implications. So, how can smart office automation be used to ensure the safety of your smart office?

What is Cybercrime?

Before we dive into the specific smart office automation solutions that might work to reduce the risks of cybercrime, it is important to first understand what it encompasses. By definition, cybercrime is an illegal activity that either targets a computer, a network, or a networked device. Organised and highly skilled cybercriminals utilise advanced techniques to not damage the device itself, but rather make a profit. Whatever the agenda may be behind the attack, there are a few common characteristics and types of cybercrime. Although the process might sound complicated to everyday persons, to hackers, destroying a valuable database is an easy, low-risk feat that brings about large rewards. Some of the ways this might occur include email fraud, theft of corporate data, or even identity fraud. 

Protecting Your Smart Office from Cybercrime

Downloading antivirus software, updating your operating systems, utilising strong passwords, and even educating your staff about what to do are crucial ways to protect you and your workplace against cybercrime. Software aside, hardware and physical devices are just as delicate. Have a security camera, smart lock, or even a motion sensor in your office? Although these might seem like “useless” tools, they all contain important information that can be leveraged to plan an attack. For example, if your motion sensors have been hacked, cybercriminals will know that there is no one in the office and approach accordingly. 

One thing that you can do to prevent this, is to select products that have security features built-in. This will close the gap of opportunity, preventing hackers from attacking your smart office device. Lookout for IoT devices for smart office with the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS) by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore. Not all smart office automation solution providers in Singapore offer these but HomeAuto is one of the few that does!

The Risk of Working from Home

Given the changes brought about by the pandemic, more people are working from home. Due to the poor technological infrastructure most of us have at home, the inadequate cyber and data security is the ultimate gateway for data theft. Therefore, like in an office setting, selecting devices that meet at least the basic security requirements will prevent compromises to your privacy and data.

Have questions about HomeAuto and our range of smart office automation devices? Get in touch with us at [email protected], and we will help increase the security of your smart office security with gadgets that meet the basic security requirements.



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