3 Smart Home Solutions to Help Back-to-School Routines

The new school year has recently begun and sending the kids back comes with new schedules and a whole lot of routines to remember. While most parents might feel relieved with getting their kids back to the daily school routine, the busy morning can leave some feeling stressed and overwhelmed. More than just packing their school bags, ironing their uniforms, and getting them to classes on time, the new school year jitters can get the best of us. But outfitting your home with a couple of smart home gadgets can help make the hectic school days a lot easier for the whole family. 

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When we think of smart home technology, complex home security systems and voice-controlled tech gadgets come to mind. While integrating a smart home automation system into your homes can indeed ensure security and do its part in bringing a futuristic home design to life, smart home solutions can do a lot more than that. 

At school, your kids will inevitably learn about the value of technology and leverage some of them to make their schedules more productive. So why not bring in similar technology into your living to elevate your abode to smart home status? Capable of having your humble home functioning at its full potential, using home automation solutions can make a world of a difference when you and your family are back into the new school year groove. Not sure which smart home gadgets you can outfit your home for a more connected home this academic year? We cover our top 3 picks that will help you have the best school year yet.  

1. Digital Smart Lock 

Picture this – you’re busy at work, only to receive a call from your child that they have forgotten their house keys and are now locked out. Sure, leaving work for an hour to unlock the door for them or instructing them to head back to school and wait for your return are possible solutions. However, these are neither practical nor safe. Leaving little ones alone outside of the safety of their own homes can leave both child and parents feeling distressed. This is where digital smart locks come in to be an absolute lifesaver. Should your child ever lose their house keys or forget them in the morning rush hour, smart locks let your kid be key-free in the school year. The HomeAuto Z8 Smart Lock can store and remember up to 256 sets of fingerprints, passwords, or cards. 

Parents can even set one-time passwords for babysitters or tutors who are coming into the home for a few hours while they’re away. Forgot to set a code for your unexpected visitor? Fret not, because you can even utilise the remote app to unlock the door from anywhere using your phone.

2. Smart Motion Sensor

If your kids are old enough to be left at home alone, you’ll still want to ensure your little one’s safety with smart home solutions. If you feel that installing an indoor smart security camera would invade too much of their privacy, then a smart motion sensor will do the trick. The HomeAuto Motion Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Sensor can detect human motion from up to 5 metres from its site of installation. 

Whether it’s the holiday season and your kids are left alone or a normal school day when they’re supposed to be home by a certain time, the smart home sensor will let you check in on them to give you peace of mind while you’re away at work or running an errand. Moreover, it offers added security in instances when no one is supposed to be at home. This is possible as the sensor alerts you if there are any movements in your home when there should not be any. 

3. Smart Curtains & Switches

Switching your lights on might not sound like a task that requires that much effort. But with an armful of books and a heavy backpack, a smart switch can take the load off after a long day at school. With the HomeAuto Touch Smart Switch, you can automate your smart devices in limitless ways. From lights to fans, turn them on hands-free!

When it comes to getting the kids up on time, home automation can add value as well. Using the HomeAuto app, you can create routines with ease. Schedule your lights, air conditioner, electrical plug, curtains, and blinds to perform a specific function at a particular time of the day. Schedule the lights to switch on and smart curtains to draw at 6.30am, water heater to turn on at 6.35am, and electrical plug to boil a kettle of water at 6.45am. This way, you’ll never have to rush and wake your kids up amid your own busy schedules. 

Have queries about HomeAuto and our smart home automation solutions? Contact us at [email protected], and our smart home solutions providers and assistants will offer you more information on how to design a smart home automation system that will ease the stresses related to back-to-school routines. 


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