Improving Your Life with a Smart Home 

As we live in the golden age of technology, making full use of any and every technological advancement is sure to have some form of impact on our lives. From automating mundane tasks and taking a load off our shoulders to working in innovative ways to increase the security of our homes, automation systems are designed to simplify our lives and, in turn, improve the quality of it. With government agencies like the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) driving further change in the smart home market with new initiatives, smart home solution providers have even seen a spiked interest from consumers – and that is not without a reason.  

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At the start of the year, on the 20th of January, 2021, the voluntary Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS) was expanded by the Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore (CSA). This change now allows for the inclusion of all types of consumer IoT devices, taking things a step further from the initial application that was only open to Wi-Fi routers and smart home hubs. So why this sudden shift? With the proliferation of IoT devices comes the increasing interest in what they have to offer. As a result of this rising demand, pressure is put on smart home solution providers like HomeAuto to ensure that their products and services are not only safe but also change your home for the better.

Living at the Edge

“Man is by nature a social animal” – Aristotle.

With the pandemic bringing about lockdown restrictions, one thing that has become the main concern for all is that of our well-being. Reliant on things such as our ability to remain social and navigate challenges in life without compromising our mental health, many are scouring high and low for that single entity that will accelerate our road to leading a blissful life. Though it might seem like a far cry, smart home solutions do indeed bring about a full stream of benefits when their power is harnessed optimally. From facilitating aging in place to reducing the risk of caregiver burnout, this technological development continues to improve the lives of thousands in a multitude of ways. So, whether you’re planning to transform your BTO into a smart home or simply make full use of smart home automation systems to increase convenience, here are a few ways it’ll help improve your life and support varying lifestyle needs.   

1. Elevated Home Security 

When one thinks of smart gadgets, oftentimes a smartphone or some high-tech fictional device featured in a sci-fi film comes to mind. Although these are smart devices that many of us use today or might be using in the future, the scope at which we can use smart technology is far and wide. 

Extremely versatile and almost multi-purpose in nature, smart home solutions can also be used to increase the security of your home too! With the trend of hijackers hacking into smart home security systems, an added layer of security must be added to these devices – but fret not! Things are well under control in Singapore. As mentioned, under the new CLS, smart devices that have at least a basic level of cybersecurity are given a label, allowing customers to pick products that meet their security needs. As one of the three local brands that boasts smart home solutions with these CSA CLS labels, HomeAuto guarantees that you’ll have an all-round effective surveillance system. Making use of tools like an interconnected system of security cameras as well as motion sensors, you can monitor activity in real-time whether you are in Singapore or halfway around the globe.

2. Increased Convenience 

Does managing your home remotely through your smartphone sound like a dream? With a smart home automation system, this is no longer a pipe dream. Allowing you to control your smart devices, automate these electronics and even synchronise them, the power of being able to control your home from a distance should never be underestimated. We’ve all seen those air-conditioner advertisements where the homeowner will turn on their air conditioning unit before arriving home – with an automated home, you’ll be able to take things up a notch and programme your entire home to do the same! Not only that, but this will also bring about a domino effect by improving appliance functionality as well!

3. Improved Lifestyle 

So, what happens when you combine increased convenience with an elevated level of security? Life is made easier by smart technology. As with every invention, people only buy into it if it’s one of value and possesses a unique selling point. And, the main selling point of home automation solutions is none other than the level of comfort it offers to homeowners. Technically translating to convenience, the advantages smart home automation brings to the table are aplenty.  

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