Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HomeAuto FAQ is created to help any earlier smart home users, smart solution adopters or DIYers in making a correct decisions. We hope that you will not make the same mistake as we did before.

Top 7 most common FAQ

  • This is the very reason why we strongly recommend Zigbee system over WIFI system. Having a Zigbee hub (as the central bridge) that maintain your automation even when there is any network disruption. Your automation will still work as normal.
  • Sadly, your mobile phone cannot control your smart home (whether you are link to your network WIFI or 4G). It is because your mobile phone APP require to connect to the IOT cloud in order to obtain the device status. When there is network disruption, the IOT cloud is not able to obtain any signal from your smart device so therefore it will be shown as offline status on your mobile phone. 
  • No!! HomeAuto smart switch DO NOT require neutral wiring.
  • Sadly, the answer is NO. It is because the other branded devices are using their own proprietary APP to control their own individual devices. 

There is a link page that compare the different smart home protocol. 


  • WIFI smart switch (with or without neutral wire) still require higher power consumption to maintain operational capability. User will find higher electrical billing per month as compare to Zigbee smart switch.
  • WIFI door lock will also drain battery life faster (typically 1 month) will require to change a new set of battery. 
  • Yes, HomeAuto Smart switch can work on 2-way switching or even multiple way switching without any special wiring require. Electrician will just maintain as the same conventional 2-way wiring will do. When the time for your smart home setup, our electrician will re-wire and set up the 2-way control for you.
  • You should inform HomeAuto at least 30 days in advance that your WIFI ready for your (new) unit by when.
  • HomeAuto will proceed with the make over once your unit is WIFI ready. It will roughly take a day for the smart home make over to complete.
  • Key points are
  • 1) Do ensure the mechanical switches are connected to the light and fan before makeover.             
  • 2) Wall paper or painting, do remove the mechanical switch from the box so the area under the switches are properly touch up.
  • 3) If require silicon touch up or labelling, do inform HomeAuto early so material can be prepare.

Most consumers may choose to purchase lighting from Taobao (TB) due to the cost or design. However, in many occasion the LED driver provided for the TB lighting is actually NOT suitable for smart switch. Causing the light to flicker or switch current may varies. Therefore, we strongly advise our customer to just get the fitting or external feature of the lighting from TB and get the lighting bulb locally in Singapore.

Experience Centers or Showrooms

HomeAuto has work with many partners who are having showrooms around Singapore. You can visit of them to find out more about our products and services. 

Our Showrooms

  • 8 Kaki Bukit #06-37 is HomeAuto Solutions Pte Ltd operation office. There is NO showroom setup.

Safety and Security

  • HomeAuto follow Enterprise Singapore (ESG) requirement strictly. For all the adaptor or plug that we provide to our customer are all safety mark label.
  • On safety mark for smart switch, ESG has confirmed that smart switch is currently not cover in the mandatory product list for safety mark registration.
  • Yes. HomeAuto Solutions is one of the 3 earliest company that take up the responsibility of registering all HomeAuto smart product with Cyber Security Agency of Singapore. 
  • HomeAuto has obtain a total of 10 CLS labels for our products. 
  • Here is the link to the official CLS product list on the CSA website.
  • The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has launched the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS) for consumer smart devices, as part of efforts to improve Internet of Things (IoT) security, raise overall cyber hygiene levels and better secure Singapore’s cyberspace.

    The CLS is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. Under the scheme, smart devices will be rated according to their levels of cybersecurity provisions. This will enable consumers to identify products with better cybersecurity provisions and make informed decisions.

    The CLS also aims to help manufacturers stand out from their competitors and be incentivised to develop more secure products. Currently, consumer smart devices are often designed to optimise functionality and cost. They also have a short time-to-market cycle, where there is less scope for cybersecurity to be incorporated into product design from the beginning.

Packages and Devices

  • Yes, HomeAuto is happy to create any customise package for our customer as we believe every house is design differently and every customer has their own requirement. 
  • Yes, HomeAuto do carry some unique smart devices that is not found on our website or in our experience centers. Smart devices like intercom, garage controller or POE CCTV setup. 
  • You can ONLY perform this integration at the Google Home platform. At the top left hand “+”, choose “Work with Google” and search for “Home Auto” or “Mijia”. Input your HomeAuto APP login credential. 
  • Yes, HomeAuto Zigbee WIFI Hub can integrate with other brands Zigbee 3.0 devices. Brand like Philips Hue or Sonoff.
  • However, we will advise to customer to confirm if their Zigbee devices has an open protocol even it is Zigbee 3.0. Example: Xiaomi Zigbee device is not compatible with HomeAuto APP. As they have their own proprietary system.
  • Yes, HomeAuto always has package deal available for our customer. However, if it may not be suitable for every customer. If you find that it is no suitable for you, please contact us at +65-8828 0860 for a customise package.

Switch, Lighting & Dimmer

  • No!! Not every light bulb can work perfectly with smart switch. Therefore, we strongly recommend our client to visit our lighting partners. It is because the customer can immediately test their preferred light bulb with fixture in their shops.
  • There are many articles claiming that non-neutral wire switch is actually bad for LED or any light bulb. However, it is not true.
  • Because every lighting fixture is actually connected to a neutral (blue coloured) wire so the lighting circuit is a completed one. 
  • The problem is actually cause by the type of smart switch whether is it WIFI or Zigbee Protocol.
  • Some common faults are like bulb flickering, bulb has faint dim light even when it is at turn off condition or bulb may have a flash of light turn on & off. When you find that your bulb has the mentioned situation, it mean that your bulb’s driver is not suitable for smart switch usage.    
  • Yes, it can. An aged resale HDB, condo or any housing unit can also change to smart switch without any additional wiring. Because we are using Zigbee Smart Switch that DO NOT require any additional neutral wiring. 
  • It also mean any commercial unit can also be easily transform into a smart office.
  • Yes, HomeAuto Smart Switch is running on Zigbee 3.0 protocol.
  • Yes, our HomeAuto Rocker smart switch has been tested to work with Conbee 2 with Home Assistant.

There are THREE methods of dimming that we recommend.

  • First method (easy and more cost effective), you can make use of smart bulb that has the dimming or RGB function built-in.
  • Second method, you will need to pull an additional neutral wire in order to have a smart dimmer switch (Only have 1 Gang available)
  • The final method is to have a dimming module which mean user can ONLY control the dimming via APP as there is not mechanical control available.
  • Firstly, HomeAuto logo is engraved on all HomeAuto product in a representation of our commitment and our service to our customer.
  • Secondly, it is actually requested by CSA to clearly identify the manufacturer brand and model on the smart product.

Most consumers may choose to purchase lighting from Taobao (TB) due to the cost or design. However, in many occasion the LED driver provided for the TB lighting is actually NOT suitable for smart switch. Causing the light to flicker or switch current may varies. Therefore, we strongly advise our customer to just get the fitting or external feature of the lighting from TB and get the lighting bulb locally in Singapore.

  • Yes, HomeAuto smart switch has all obtain CLS label.

Gate, Glass and Wooden Door Smart Lock

  • There are 5 ways of unlock functions for Z8 wooden door lock. Unlock via Pin, Access Card, Fingerprint, Remote Access on APP and Dynamic Password (One Time Password)
  • Minimum thickness is 40mm
  • Maximum thickness is 120mm
  • Yes, HomeAuto has installed glass lock in couple of Singapore offices.
  • HomeAuto is introducing our new double side fingerprint, pin and card gate lock. 3 ways to unlock the gate from both inner and outer of the gate.

Motorised Curtain

  • You just need 1 motorised curtain system for a open from middle setup.
  • A HomeAuto Zigbee curtain motor can handle a curtain length of maximum 6 meter length and 50 kg weight.
  • You can place your order or request for a quotation by sending your required length and quantity to +65-8828 0860. You will get your quotation the next day.

Venetian, Combi, Black out Blinds & Outdoor Zip system

  • Yes, HomeAuto work with our partners to provide black-out blind and venetian blind.
  • HomeAuto will recommend per length of blind to be between 2m to 2.5m.
  • RF motor require a RF hub to integrate their operation with Google Home APP. 
  • WIFI motor is pair into HomeAuto APP and integrate directly with Google home. Allow user to open and close the blind at any percentage.
  • Yes, HomeAuto do work with our partners to provide Ziptrack system using the WIFI Tubular motor. Making your outdoor zip system 100% integrate with our APP and Google Home. User can create seamless integration on APP that when weather change with forecast to rain, ziptrack will begin to close.

Timeline, APP, Subscription and Warranty

  • Home or office owner should contact HomeAuto as soon as possible when they had decided to embark on creating their smart home or office solution.
  • This is to allow HomeAuto to provide insightful advise on the electrical requirement and provision.
  • HomeAuto APP is manage locally in Southeast Asia (Singapore) that allow us to provide direct and immediate customer service (like visit) if require.
  • You are not require to pay any monthly or any annual subscription.
  • You can download the HomeAuto APP from IOS APP store by searching for “Home@uto”, from Google Play store or Huawei APP galley by searching for “HomeAuto”.
  • HomeAuto provide standard 1+2 Year local warranty in Singapore.
  • Home or office owner should inform HomeAuto at least 2 weeks before they have their WIFI completely setup by the ISP. (Example: WIFI setup book with M1 on 15 July 2021, do inform HomeAuto that your unit will be ready for installation by 1 July 2021.)

Network, Communication and Control

  • HomeAuto is integrated with Google Assistant, 小度音箱 and SIRI only. HomeKit integration is in progress. 
  • We are not integrated with Alexa yet.
  • No, there is no different on whether you are using Google WIFI mesh or any other brands of WIFI mesh router. As long as the router can transmit 2.4Ghz bandwidth
  • First, get your internet service provider (ISP = Singtel, M1, Starhub or others) ready before smart home team move in to start installation and integration.
  • Secondly, be sure to inform your ISP service technician that you require 2.4Ghz bandwidth in your WIFI signal. Because all smart devices can integrate with frequency.
  • To ensure there is no black zone (area without WIFI signal), we recommend the following network setup.
  • HDB/Condo – Studio, 2 Rm, 3Rm can use normal router.
  • HDB/Condo – 4Rm, 5Rm, EM, Penthouse and Single level landed property can use WIFI Mesh
  • Landed with 2 storey and above should use AP router.
  • There is NO different in the WIFI signal provided by the varies ISP. The most important key point to take note is to ensure the ISP provide you with the 2.4Ghz bandwidth WIFI signal.
  • Cannot. Most smart devices currently on the market connect to 2.4Ghz. 
  • Yes, a bad WIFI coverage will directly impact to your initial setup of the smart home system. Impact like devices cannot be detected by Hub, delay in response, device don’t response or automation will not work eventually. 
  • A landed device unit with typical requirement of 4 CH or 8 CH NVR POE CCTV system, Doorbell with intercom and autogate control, AP router for 100% WIFI coverage of the entire development. Please click this link to see the photo.

Collaboration & Partners

  • Yes, HomeAuto has a few resellers and dealers. We welcome any business or start up who want to adopt any smart solution to join the Singapore smart community.
  • You can either click on the nearest Whatsapp icon or SMS to +65-8828 0860. We will surely reply you asap.